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Le bonheur, s'il vous plait
Oil on canvas - 80 x 60cm

Our time here is limited! So how about we start living in deeds, not years, in feelings, not money, how about we learn to enjoy every single minute of it instead of wasting it by doing horrible acts, destroying what we have not built, hating, lying or pursuing dreams that are not ours.
This is what I wanted to express in this work. Although I'm not good at expressing myself in words, I hope I've been able to convey a message through shape, color, and perspective.
I chose a war scene in the background, precisely because it's a current topic, but still inconceivable to my mind. It is so painful to realize that even though we are so fragile, so ephemeral, we choose to hurt each other as if we'll be here forever. We won't be! But it will be what we leave behind...

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